Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Return

Soooooooooooooo, school/training has taken over my life but I have a lot of thoughts that have built up over the past few months. To start catching up, let me drop some quick randoms.

Shit I've Learned Lately:

1. The homeless people in Portland all seem damn near comfortable. They are some chill ass cats.
2. Donut + Bacon = awesome.
3. I want to live in San Francisco for a minute.
4. I have no idea how/why Glen Beck is popular.
5. You can't really know a city until you know it's vices.
6. I'm officially a B.O.B. fan.
7. I don't feel well unless I'm at least slightly sore from the result of some physical activity.
8. I think I've actually had a really positive impact on my nephew's development. The kid is gonna be brilliant.
9. Talk About Sex, Talk About Sex, Talk About Sex. It still astounds me that I still meet people who never talk about sex honestly with their partners. Follow the law of Salt N' Peppa, talk about all the good and bad. It'll help keep you safe, and it'll make it astronomically better.
10. Final Fantasy XIII is different, but still dope. Stop bitchin about it nerds.
11. Lebron should stop with the commercials and shit and just say one damn thing: "The manner in which I revealed my decision to the public was distasteful and I apologize for my lack of foresight." Moving to Miami is all good, but you don't divorce your wife and propose to your new girl on national television. He should've known this from countless old episodes of Jerry Springer.
12. The BET cyphers felt lazy.
13. Four english classes is a lot. I've already read more than 1000 pages this quarter and i'm still behind.
14. There hasn't really been any smear ads against Prop 19 (the weed legalization law). That shit might actually pass tuesday... dig it.

much much much to come.