Sunday, July 18, 2010

6am Train of Thought

1) I have an incredibly intense love/hate relationship with hip-hop.

2) The program that runs pandora knows me better than I know myself.

3) Vomiting from drinking too much: Lame. Vomiting from the effects of an insane workout/adventure: Love.

4) The day after I graduate; I'm ghost. Out of the country. Out of this world.

5) I'll be back though.

6) Black Thought is the most SOLID rapper of all time. By solid i mean i have never heard a wack verse from him, but i have also rarely been floored by anything particularly amazing.

7) If you want to make ring-tone music, by all means go ahead. Just remember to save your money son.

8) California's infrastructure and budget will always be broken as long as anyone with a few 100 thousand dollars can get a proposition on the ballot, and California citizens consistently approve expensive measures but vote down measures that will actually help pay for everything.

9) I didn't realize i was "black" until people keep telling me i was. And now I've learned that my initial thought was right. No one is black. Race is an illusion. It has certainly become a social factor during the course of the last few centuries, but it is a biological illusion.

10) Orgasms are awesome.

11) No really, they're pretty dope.

12) I know more Spanish than i thought. Yeah, yo hablo.

13) Presidents aren't actually all that powerful nor are they supposed to be. The office of President is now seen as a bastardized version of what it was initially intended largely do to the growth of media. It is a sexy position that draws a lot of attention but, all the President can really do as far as policy making, is suggest bills to the senate and house. He can talk all the shit he wants, but if congress doesn't really want to do something, the prez is shit out of luck.

14) I have this superstition that i should never prescribe to any superstitions.

15) I was 18 the first time i said i love you to my mother out loud. There have been many repetitions since.

16) I was also 18 the first time i said I love you to a girl. (turned out, i was wrong)

17) Erykah Badu has super cakes.

18) I love the written word. I love words; ones used throughout esoteric prose, as well as curse words and colloquialisms. Language is a living breathing creature.

19) Love is a storng word. Use it often, but use it judiciously.
20) Speaking Stevie Wonder. I met him. Worked at his table for a few hours. Saw him sing and play harmonica and piano. He's awesome and can handle his liquor.

21) I think any protest march should have a very specific purpose. Raising awareness is a by-product of action. March to a voting office. March to a community construction project. March to a police station and file 2,000 individual complaints at one time. Fuck trooping around in circles yelling. "Speeches only reaches those who already know about it."-Dre 3000

22) Caveat: I'll knock you the fuck out.

23) Note: only for a just reason though.

24) Please contribute to the "trickle down." The world is changed slowly, gradually, through open discourse. The ideas in conversations between wise men make their way down to college classrooms, spread through the campus, crawl through families, land in the hands of the poets, are immortalized in film, written word and image, and decades later are thought of as common place. Open your mouth and speak.


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